Hey, so, Friday Night Gin – what’s it all about then?

Good question. Mostly it was half a day procrastinating when I should have been working on some financial stuff for my business, but it is also the outcome of a long process of trying to work out who I was and what I wanted to write about.

Here’s my blogging story…

I started blogging in 2006 as a way to keep friends and family up to date with my life overseas and that worked really well for a while. I had a clear voice, I knew what I wanted to write about and what I didn’t. In 2008 my life changed dramatically; we lost our business, my marriage broke down and I began life as a single parent when my daughter was only 11 months old – she lived in 3 countries in the first year of her life! Over that time my online home adapted to accommodate me, I renamed my blog and started writing about what my new life was like.

That writing helped me find my voice and, along with Twitter, it helped me build a community around me.  It was wonderful and at the same time I was developing another voice that expressed another facet of me. As Ruby I explored my sexuality and found a talent for writing short form erotica. Unwittingly I had found what would become not only a passion but a business – erotica writing and sex blogging – and once again in finding my voice I found my identity and my community.

So what happened? When did I lose my blogging voice?

Sometime around 2013 I gradually stopped writing regularly on both my Lemonade Life blog and my Eroticnotebook blog. I was focusing on trying to build my business blogs and developing various business ideas and the long term outcome was that without my personal writing I lost confidence in my voice.

Last year, watching my friend Violet being forced to create a new online home after the hacking of her passion project The Skull Illusion, I realised that the way forward for me was to stop having disparate voices across different blogs; not only because I didn’t have time to curate all those place but also because I don’t want to separate my life out – I’m passionate about many things and I want to talk about them in one place.

Here we are, Friday Night Gin. A new blog and a new start.

People have asked what I’m going to write about and this is the answer I gave when chatting about the new idea on Facebook;

“I want a blog that reflects who I am, what I do, what I care about – so somewhere I can write about sewing, marketing, business stuff, work, family, days out, sex, but not necessarily erotica – all the stuff that I might have a a conversation with you about.”

I want the blog to be something YOU like to read too, something you feel reflects your interests. Too often I hear from people (mostly guys);

“I’ve never met someone like you before!”

And I always think;


Because I know lots of women like me; women that are intelligent, talented, kind, hard working, quick thinking, open minded and, you know, all round awesome. We aren’t some rare breed, we are the kind of women that run a household, love our kids, hold down a job, develop business ideas, help our friends, help strangers, like trashy TV, like smart TV and we more often than not like a Friday Night Gin, or wine, or two.

I’m hoping this blog not only gives me a voice but amplifies yours.

Thanks for reading,