Have you made any sewing plans for 2019 yet?

Last year I didn’t have any particular sewing plans, I made what took my fancy inspired by fabric and patterns in my local fabric shop as well as going through my stash to identify fabrics to use and projects to finish.

I spent time streamlining my stash – being honest about which fabric I loved and would use and then thinking about what I could make with those.

My good intentions of not buying for new projects until I’d completed old fabrics went by the wayside too.

My 2019 sewing plans

This year I’m making a plan. I spotted the Make 9 hashtag last year and while I wasn’t ready to commit to 9 sewing projects then, I am now.

Inspiration has come from my fabric stash that I want to use up, my continuing quest for a pair of trousers to love and from the sewing community on Instagram. While Pinterest is great for general inspiration I’ve found Instagram to be brilliant for seeing patterns as they turn out on bodies of all shapes and sizes. It makes me feel much more confident about choosing a pattern if I can see that someone else has tackled it.


I love day dresses, so easy to wear and can work for casual and work meetings. Oh and of course, I can add pockets, thank you very much.



Mccalls dress pattern 7800
McCall’s 7820 – in vintage turquoise lace from my stash, full length with straight sleeves

burda 6451 easy dress pattern
Burda 6451 – the short version, not decided on the fabric yet, but I’ve had my eye on this pattern

Casual tops

more tops to go with jeans and those elusive perfect trousers and to make skirts more casual than smart.

New Look 6519 tie front top

New Look 6519 from a soft cotton check in my stash

iam lion pattern puff sleeve casual top
Lion from IAM patterns, I have a jumper with puff sleeves and love it so this will be a good way to replicate it
iam cupidon wrap cardigan pattern
Cupidon from IAM patterns.Cosy enough to wear at home and smart enough to go to a meeting in.
iam patterns zebre casual top
Zebre from IAM patterns, for cosy and cute sweatshirts


I’m still searching for the perfect trousers, the vintage pattern that I  made up were a good fit on the waist, but were too full in the seat and back of the thigh for me.

burda 6377 trouser pattern
Burda 6377, I’m still searching for a trouser pattern to love, I’m hoping that this style will be a winner
Burda 7400 loose fitting trouser pattern
Burda 7400 – another pattern I’ve had my eye on for several months, I love how fun these trousers are


I have a slim fitting padded jacket that works well as casual and smartish, but it is looking rather tired so I want to replace it.

burda 6647 close fitting jacket
Burda 6647 – I want to replace a hip-length jacket and this one could be perfect.

I also have plans to make up more tees, pj’s and shorts over the year to try to replace things that I’d normally go to the high street for, so by December this might be quite a different nine, or more.

I’d love to hear about what you’re planning to sew in 2019, tell me in comments or wherever you find me on social media!