well done you survived the first week of 2016
With the first week of 2016 behind me I’m giving myself time for a check in to see if I’ve set myself up to achieve the things I want this year.
In the quiet between Christmas and back to school and work I decided that there was one big area and one small area I wanted to tackle this year.

The big one is – money.

I’ve been back in my career for just over 12 months and it has been wonderful to have the extra income but I’ve nothing to show for the extra income I’ve had. This year I’m going to get on top of it and by the end of the year be ready to start some serious savings.

To get to that point 51 weeks from now these are the steps I want to take

  • Clear away debt.
  • Regular savings for annual bills such as car and home insurance so I don’t use debt to pay them.
  • Regular savings for fun stuff! This years big goal is a winter trip to Lapland.

The other area I wanted to tackle was food waste.

Buying food we don’t eat or making meals that we don’t finish and throw away is something I’ve noticed happening more and more.

It is a bad habit and one I want to tackle. Even with meal plans and shopping lists I have still been throwing a lot of food away. I want to change that because it is a waste of money and food.

Creating better habits around this will require me to;

  • Continue with meal planning.
  • Be realistic about planning and portion sizes.
  • Freeze food that I can’t use up before it goes off.

It doesn’t sound like a very thrilling view of 2016 but did you see that trip to Lapland I snuck in as our savings goal for this year? It is very exciting!

To hit my goals I need to be organised, which can feel boring snoring but what I’ve found in the past is that if I can plan ahead and set up budgets and meal plans – if only for a week – this takes a lot of worry out of the every day life. It frees up your headspace for a bit of happy daydreaming instead of worrying about if you’ve enough change for the milk and what are you going to have for dinner tonight.

What are your plans for the year?