September is the month to get my money back on track.

Summer holidays are expensive, whether you go away or stay at home there’s always something more to pay for and that’s before you even get to the back-to-school expenses. All in all the 6 weeks of the summer holidays can burn through budget and savings quicker than a seagull dive-bombing a tourist with an ice-cream.┬áIf, like me, you’ve just about limped over the financial finish line into September it is time to take stock and get your money back on track.

The last couple of months have had lots of extra expenses going out and no extra money coming in, next month my rent goes up and before you know it we’ll be in December with Christmas and rather ouchily for my finances, the car MOT.

My September money challenge is to cut back where I can this month and streamline everything for the coming months. I’m lucky that most months I have more coming in than going out, but I won’t lie, the next few months are going to be tighter than a Spanx after a Christmas Lunch. Constantly worrying about money is draining and demoralising so I’m hoping that the work I put in during the next month or so will help me feel more in control of my finances and bear fruit into 2018 with maintaining a little bit extra to save each month so when emergencies and surprise bills come around again I’ll have a better cushion and less stress.

I’m a data geek so I already have a monthly spreadsheet detailing income and expenditure, so my first step will be to review the budget and work out where I can save money on my bills.

After that it will be a very boring case of NOT SPENDING ANY EXTRA MONEY! for the next 6-8 weeks to make sure all the bills are paid and I stay in the black. And by ‘black’ I really mean ‘not increasing my credit card bill or overdraft’.

So there are my money goals for September:

  • Trim the budget
  • Pay all the regular and exceptional bills
  • Don’t increase my current debt

Mmmhmm, that seems doable!

Does anyone else out there get the September money woes? What do you do to get over them?