What the #FNG is this?

What the #FNG is this?

Hey, so, Friday Night Gin - what's it all about then? Good question. Mostly it was half a day procrastinating when I should have been working on some financial stuff for my business, but it is also the outcome of a long process of trying to work out who I was and what...

What I wore Wednesday – Vintage Buttons

Oh so, you know, I've not been blogging for flippin' AGES, so I thought I'd ease myself in gently as it were. For gently read lazily and inspired by Sarah's What I Wore Wednesday I thought I'd join in. I love clothes and prompted by my fast approaching return to an...

Style Icons ~ Bad Sandy

Grease, it's a Marmite film, sure to divide into lovers and haters, I'm a lover, not least because it has one of my first style icons in it - Bad Sandy. Grease was one of the first films that I enjoyed as part of a group of friends.  I first saw it sometime between...

Style icons ~ my mum

My earliest style icon must have been my mum. I look like my mum, its no bad thing.  She tells a story that when she was living in Zambia in the 1960's someone called her "Twiggy" at a dinner party, mum, not being too up to date with popular culture, thought the...

Spring style

  I'm having a bit of a spring style crisis. I want a revamp but as ever I've the taste for Vogue but the budget  for make do and mend, so I went back to the fabric stash and pattern collection and had a look at what I could use up.  I've a collection of brown...

Another pants post

Way back when I clearly had nothing better to write about I wrote about my Primanki pants.  I threw them away unworn as they were so bad and since then I've been having a daily knicker crisis.  I say crisis it is more me thinking; I really must get some new pants! as...

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