H&M sell better knickers than PrimarkWay back when I clearly had nothing better to write about I wrote about my Primanki pants.  I threw them away unworn as they were so bad and since then I’ve been having a daily knicker crisis.  I say crisis it is more me thinking;

I really must get some new pants!

as I pull on the tattered remnants from my underwear drawer.

But I live in fear, what if I buy  more  manky pants, the fragile ego of my nether regions my never recover.

The only places to buy pants in my town are New Look, M&Co, Peacocks or the wool shop that sells proper old fashioned girdles or the indoor market selling floral sprigged granny knickers multi-packs.  You see my dilemma, while the current incumbents of my “no matching bra” knicker selection came from New Look I yearn for something different.

I actually yearn for a luscious underwear wardrobe full of matching bras and knickers ranging from practical yet pretty to woohoo boing boing someones getting lucky tonight impractical swathes of lace and satin.

The other week I made my way to Exeter and found myself in H&M and as per I checked out the underwear department. Since when did it become the law that all bras must have half a pillow in them?

I digress, so I’ll close with three pack of cotton pants, one grey, one white and one black, £6 yes please. They fit, they don’t fall apart and I’ll be going back for some more.

Primanky no more, Happy & Merry pant-tastic we are.

Photo credit : Atoy on Stock.xchng