What kind of clothes shopper are you?

My clothes shopping style falls into one of two camps. I’m either an “I know the exact thing I’m looking for and I won’t buy anything unless that’s it” or an “I’ll know it when I see it, but it has to go with this other thing I already have” person. Which means that quite often I’ll end up going  home with nothing at all.

I’m not much good at being a “buy all the pretty things” shopper as I generally have a budget in mind and with budgets you tend not to be able to buy ALL the things, just one or two maybe, but only if they go with at least one other thing in the wardrobe that’s not jeans.

So anyway, what’s on my shopping list for 2018 you ask, why let me tell you.

Black, flat or low heeled knee high boots.

black low heeled knee high boots for skinny legsI have thin calves and most high street stores have boots that are so big on my leg that they make me look like I raided the dressing up box, or as we discovered recently that you can also fit my daughter’s arm down the boot as well as my leg. This means I shop at Duo Boots for my boots, but in the sale obvs. My current pair of black Duo Boots are 10 years old and have a heel, but since I like to walk to school with my daughter and I don’t want to wear heels all the time, flat boots are on the list.

Classic white shirt.

classic white silk shirt womensYes, I know that statement sleeves are still a thing, but honestly, I don’t want to worry about my cuffs getting caught in the keyboard or drooping into the washing up water. A simple white shirt to go with my perfect pair of trousers and under various waistcoats and jumpers. Simple, classy. I may get around to making such a shirt but sewing button plackets are a complete faff so in the meantime I’ll keep my eye out for something in the sale rails and charity shops.

The perfect pair of trousers

Not so much a shop as a make, at the moment I’m making the fitted base pattern that I can adjust other trouser patterns to the perfect fit. Once I’ve got the perfectly fitting pattern I can start making my perfect pair of trousers and at the moment I’ve got my eye on these two patterns.


womens lee jeansMy current jeans are on the way out and at some point they’ll have to be replaced. If I don’t find anything in the charity shops then it’ll be TKMaxx or keeping an eye out for Lee jeans on sale as they seem to be a good fit on me.

I think that’s it. It may seem a very concise clothes shopping list, but I do have a trunk full of fabric and sewing ideas so these wont be the only new clothes coming my way, just the ones I’m shopping for.