Oh so, you know, I’ve not been blogging for flippin’ AGES, so I thought I’d ease myself in gently as it were. For gently read lazily and inspired by Sarah’s What I Wore Wednesday I thought I’d join in.

I love clothes and prompted by my fast approaching return to an office job I’ve started to tackle the mending pile and the projects to sew pile. In this way I’m hoping to have a wearable work wardrobe without too much outlay, which became especially urgent since my carefully stored work clothes all seem to have shrunk over the last few years.

And so to today’s little foray into getting dressed. I was lazy – because we were running late and I didn’t want to have to think too much.

vintage buttons on waistcoat

DKNY blue jeans – thank you TKMaxx. With jeans it is all about fit and these are pretty damn close to being a perfect fit. Lets pretend I turned them up to be all designy and not because I need to shorten them.

Kookai white shirt – a charity shop find from yonks ago.

Topshop waistcoat – found in Emma’s fabulous Elegantly Waisted shop. I hope you can see the cut-awy back. I replaced the buttons with vintage ones and added the sprigs of vintage buttons and beads on the front and pocket edging. The little grey heart button is one that was on a Clothkits pinafore that my mum made me when I was little, the rest are from various button hoards that I’ve bought or been given.

Pink Crocs – an ebay win from a couple of summers ago. Because well, we were running late and it was quicker than doing up laces.

Swatch watch – possibly the only new thing I’m wearing apart from my underwear!

Rings and blings – all gifts – lucky lady that I am.

Hmm I think I probably need to clean my mirror too!

What I wore Wednesday